bristol wool fair

The purpose of this short guide is to inform and educate new makers who want to visit Bristol Wool Fair. While the tips will fit almost any event, festival or fair you as a maker plan to participate in, we prepared these tips specifically by interviewing participants in Bristol.

And before we go on, we just want to encourage you to share your experiences. If you feel like this list lack some advice, feel free to share them with our readers.

Plan in advance

wool fair vendor

If you have been to other fairs, the one in Bristol won’t be much different. If you are just starting out and plan to visit a couple of fairs this year, contact the organizers. Most of them will have some kind of pamphlets or PDFs, more commonly these days explaining the procedures and answering the most frequent questions.

Can you come with your wares and find a corner to sell them? More often than not, yes. Some do that in Bristol every year. However, while you can promote and sell your handmade crafts, you will get the worst spot and we certainly can’t guarantee you won’t get a fine.

Find other sellers

wool fair vendor

Often, new makers feel like they are alone in their venture. After all, everyone else is their competitor. Almost everyone who we interviewed after the last fair said that they would be willing to help out a new person. In fact, all these festival participants agree that we are all working for a common goal – to keep the fair alive and atract more people.

How do you contact others? One of the ways is to visit any nearby faire – chances are someone you will meet there will be planning to visit more than one festival. Also, you can contact the organizers. It is less chances that they will be giving out contacts but it’s not a definite ‘no’.

Get the most out of your first fair

Let’s imagine that you already talked to the organizers and the other makers. They shared many tips with you how to sell more and make a better impression. So, there is only one thing to add – enjoy yourself. Especially if that is your first fair. Relax and try to learn from the experience. There are very few mistakes you can make, so enjoy yourself as much as you can.