textile festival

We could bet that no nation does fairs better than the Englishmen. Not only we have a full range of fairs for men, women and children, you often have one for you just by your door.

Don’t believe us?

Then check out the variety of textile fairs that are upcoming in 2018.

Bristol Wool Fair

Of course, we look forward to this the most. Though, we are not sure when exactly it will be held, this is going to be the 5th annual Wool Fair in Bristol – get ready for a big one.

It’s historic, friendly and local – you can’t get any better.

Unravel 2018

Unravel 2018

One of the first textile events to be held each year, Unravel comes to Surrey again in February, 2018. While its focus in turned more towards knitting, each year Unravel’s visitors will gain access to dozens of workshops and makers of all types.

So, if you are close to Farnham 16-18 February, check it out.

Stitch Fest, Devon


Visited by hundreds of exhibitors and fans, the Stitch Fest has quickly become Devon’s best yarn festival. So far, the festival was held two times in 2016 and 2017, both with huge success and, even though it is still a long time to go, we cannot wait for the 2018 event.

 While the date for the festival is yet to be announced, look for it around November.

Wool Festival in Limousin

We thought that it is reasonable to throw one international even in there. France’s Wool Festival is a three-day festival that is held annually from 28 to 30 October (or around this time).

It’s not only for you. Get your whole family and make a holiday out of it – there are some staggering attractions in the Limousin region. You can visit medieval Castles, or animal parks or, for someone who is looking for the stronger taste of France, you can taste some fantastic cognac and wine from the region.


During the years we have done this, plus all the years we have been working with wool as a hobby, we have met lots of good-hearted people. It is a great place to find new friends, hunt for inspiration or simply shop for gifs.

One thing we can be sure of, you will make memories for the rest of your life.